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About FHL Community

Faith Hope and Love Community aims to be a catalyst for change by engaging in relationships with food insecure neighbors on their path to self-sufficiency through missional food pantry training.


Jericho Initiative and FHL will doing drive through cooked meals pantry at Shiloh MCB at 3801 Forest Manor this Thursday at 1 pm – 4 pm. Volunteer if you can and, share info to those in need. At least 500 meals. The plan is to provide 500+ meals daily at various locations. Stay tuned for more updates

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Our Core Community Services

FHL Table Talks

Monthly community talks on hunger

Missional Food Pantry Training

Providing coursework and certification

Hunger Awareness Week

A week of hunger awareness activities 

Hunger in Edu

Panel discussions with local educational leaders

Help Stop Food Insecurity in Central Indiana

Hunger is a foundational element in community transformation. The IHN Health Network of Indiana estimates an additional 27 million meals are needed to feed the food insecure. Growing numbers of Indianapolis residents are struggling to make enough money to consistently feed and support their families.

How Can We Help You With Food Insecurity?

If you are looking for a food pantry in the 46208 area and need assistance in finding one closest to your needs, please let us know. FHL Community is a dedicated Missional Food Pantry Training Network. We train and support missional food pantries in the Central Indiana Area. Please check our Find Us page for supported pantries.

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